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            South America's Class Newsletter for Autumn 2 term 



  • Our topic this term is WORLD WAR II and we will be covering the following areas:
  • History – World War II
  • Science –Light
  • Art – Examining the style of Lowry
  • ICT – Programming and digital literacy
  • P.E. – Netball
  • RE – How are important events remembered (continued)
  • PSHCE – Health and wellbeing
  • Music – Listening and appraising

Wednesday 11th November – School Remembrance Service

Thursday 12th November - Children in Need - Odd Socks Day please if you can send £1 donation for this worthwhile cause.

Friday 13th November – Individual Photos

Wednesday 25th November  - No Pens Day!

Friday 4th December – Non-uniform day (£1 donation)

Tuesday 8th December – Science Day!

Wednesday 16th December – Christmas Jumper & Christmas Dinner Day

Thursday 17th December – Non-uniform day & Last day of Autumn Term 2

Friday 18th December – School closed


As always, times tables continue to be vitally important. It is clear by this point which children are knowledgeable in their tables as they are more able to adapt to new ideas presented to them. Also they are at the heart of many mathematical areas and without them it is very tricky to carry out the class maths work. Most children will easily learn a table per week with ten minutes of learning by rote per day, this can be done anywhere, e.g. in the car or as a game when having tea, and remember to go through previously learnt tables regularly.

Class information:


Welcome back to the second half of our Autumn term. Our first seven weeks involved a lot of settling down and understanding of the more serious nature of school life now that they are in my class, a challenge to which they have risen admirably, but now is where the real work starts! Hopefully your child has had a good break and is ready and raring to go on our topic of ‘World War ii’. Here is the overview of the areas we will be covering, but as said in your letter at the start of the year, if you would like more detailed information then please feel free to come in to see me. Once again, thanks for your continued support, this is obviously vital to how well your child thrives at school. As said previously, could you please inform me if there is any change of circumstance at home which might lead to your child needing some extra ‘understanding’ in school. We all have tricky times, and if I am able to help with a little bit of extra support then that will help all concerned. Please remember: ALL YEAR 4 CHILDREN NOW HAVE TO UNDERTAKE A SATS STYLE TEST, SENT TO US BY THE GOVERNMENT, IN THE FINAL TERM.


  • It is important for your child to bring in a named water bottle each day- water bottles can be bought from the office for £1.50.


Please continue to listen to your child read as frequently as possible, and ask them as many questions relating to the text as you can. The following may help you:

Intonation – is punctuation being accurately used? Are they reading with fluency and expression to show they understand?

Scanning – can they skim what they have read to find answers to questions?

Opinion – can they give an opinion of the text and back it up using what they’ve read?

Hidden meanings – can they explain hints given in the story about the moods, feelings and attitudes?

Paragraphs/Chapters – are they understanding how these link to each other?

Comparisons – can they compare the different styles they have read with you?

Impact – can they tell you how a text makes them feel?

Detail – can they explain how an author uses vocabulary to create different moods, messages, feelings and attitudes?

Contrasts – do they understand that characters may have different points of view?

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