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What are the key principles we have based our curriculum on at Nields?


Skills not Knowledge

Child centred

Real life

Includes use of HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills)

Includes use of the outdoor curriculum

Stimulating, challenging and fun!


All the children learn and apply skills through different themes, which incorporate all of the different subject areas. See our Long Term and Medium Term Plans for specific class information. If you have any queries or need further information then please feel free to ask us and look at our work on Parents Evenings and Curriculum Nights.


Literacy and Language

  • Gives every child a deep understanding of what they read using the special 'three reads' approach
  • Fully prepares every child for writing using a planning, drafting and revising method
  • Teaches grammar in context so that children can apply it seemslessly in their own writing
  • Supports the grammar and punctuation aspects of the Key Stage 1 and 2 tests 
  • Includes practice tests to build confidence prior to statutory assessment
  • Creates articulate speakers where children justify their answers and learn how to debate. 

Literacy and Language enables children at Nields to write confidently and enthusiastically because they have something to say and they love reading at home – the biggest indicator of success. The impact of Literacy and Language on childrens' learning is huge


For maths we use a variety of different resources and learning styles but we predominately use the new Abacus Maths Scheme, which includes online interactive resources. As the year goes on we will be sending log in details home to encourage the children to work at home with parents and try out the fun activities out as homework. Details to be send home when the system is up and running and the children are familiar on how to use it.

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