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Wednesday 27th May 

Good morning everyone,


Today's challenge is for you to look at the Rappaman Tab above and choose one of the activities from there. Rappaman has been chatting to the staff and he is super excited to come into school (as soon as he can!) and see what you have all been up to! He also wants to work with you to record your poems and stories and help you in creating a performance! It would be amazing if we could share your work with him and I know he would be really excited to see it!

So why not have a go at reading one of Rappaman's poems out loud, creating a performance with actions and adapting your voice to make the lyrics?

What about writing your own poem based around Kindness - which is super important at the moment too. Or writing a poem about the importance of reading? Rappaman thinks reading is really important - can you think of reasons why reading is so vital?

Once you've written your own poem, you could perform it with actions and a clear, loud voice, thinking carefully about your expression, intonation and confidence. 

This poem was written by a child in class 4 last week. She wrote about how it's fun but not funny to be at home at the moment and she even managed to turn it into an acrostic! Have a look at it here:

This child's next challenge could be to perform her poem and post a video - I know this might be out of some of your comfort zones but it is good to push ourselves every now and again!

Have lots of fun with this activity and remember to check out the Nields website for further information, click on the link below:


I can't wait to see them,

Mr McKinna

Tuesday 26th May 

Good morning everybody,

Arithmetic Paper 1

Yesterday, I set you an art challenge that I got from the website for The Hepworth art gallery in Wakefield. I suggest you check out the website (hepworthwakefield.org) to look at some of the art they have on display in galleries, and to have a look at ‘Creative Challenge 5’ if you didn’t manage to yesterday because it was a bank holiday. The details are also in yesterday’s entry.

If you did yesterday’s work, why not try one of the other creative challenges on the Hepworth website? (https://hepworthwakefield.org/thwcreates-challenge/)

Have fun being creative and try the arithmetic test I have attached to the top of the page. You don't need to print it off - you could just copy the sums into your Maths jotter.

Best wishes,

Mr McKinna

Monday 25th May

Good morning all,

I hope you had a good weekend. Today is a bank holiday and would normally be the start of the half term holiday but I know some of you will still need tasks to keep you occupied!

I am setting you an art challenge that I have got from the website for The Hepworth art gallery in Wakefield. I have copied the details for challenge 5 here; I suggest you check out the website to look at some of the art they have on display in galleries, if you can. It is a brilliant but fairly local gallery which people from all over the world visit.

Creative Challenge 5

“I have always found people’s hands an absorbing interest; watching their movement and gesture reveal their inner thoughts and purposes.” – Barbara Hepworth 1952

Barbara Hepworth was fascinated with people’s hands, believing their movement to reveal a person’s inner thoughts. In 1943 Hepworth cast her own left hand in plaster – she famously described the left hand of the sculptor as ‘the thinking and feeling hand.’

We have all been washing and sanitising and clapping our hands during the current pandemic, so for this creative challenge we would like you to capture hands that are important to you.


Try drawing your own hand without taking your pencil off the paper; then try using both hands at the same time; finally try drawing your hand with your eyes closed. Sketch other people’s hands in different positions – at rest and in action. Can you shade or paint your drawing to seem 3D? Could you create a flip book of your hands clapping?


Now you could try creating your hand out of different materials. You could build it in clay or plasticine; manipulate strips of cardboard or wire to create a basic shape then mould it using newspaper or paper towels. Could you sculpt your hand using textiles?

There are plenty of examples of hands (and feet) that we have displayed and have in our collection that you could use for inspiration. Have a look at the way Christina Quarles and Maggi Hambling paint hands or look at Toby Ziegler’s giant foot.  (Look on the website for these links).

Finally, why not try researching Barbara Hepworth, or indeed any other famous artist?

Have a good day,

Mr McKinna




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