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Thursday 28th May

Good Morning everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather and managing to spend lots of time outside. Today I thought that it might be nice to be a good detective when you are on your walk.

See if you can recognise any of the numbers on the doors that you pass.

Can you see any shapes. Triangles, circles, squares or oblongs?


What shape are the windows on the houses?

What colour are the doors?

Look at the gardens you pass. What do you recognise?

How many steps does it take from your front door to your gate?

What colour are the cars you can see?


Sing some songs. Ring A Rosie, Heads and Shoulders and Hickory Dickory Dock.

The words are in your booklet. Put some music on and dance outside.


Share a book with your grown up. There are some traditional stories on You Tube that you could share. The Gingerbread Man or The Three Little Pigs are some of our favourite ones or you may have some traditional stories of your own. Hope you enjoy these activities.


Take Care

Mrs. Raynor

Wednesday 27th May

Good Morning everyone,

 I hope you are all well and keeping safe. It has been lovely to speak to some of you already this week and it's good to know that you are enjoying the activities on the website. 

Please take time to look on the website. Mr. Brown has put a video on there explaining our plans to open at Nields.


Today I thought that you could play our memory game with your grown up. Kim's Game.


Select 10 items from your house, anything will do or you could stick to a theme.

Place them on a tray and try to remember what you can see.

Cover them with the cloth and ask your grown up to remove one.

Look again at the tray and see if you can tell what's missing.

You can change the items and repeat the game.


Sing some songs. The Wheels on the bus and Wind a Bobbin are songs that we have learnt at school and the words are in your booklet.


Share a book with your grown up. Select your favourite book from your collection at home. See if you can find the title, the author and the beginning of your story and if you can, use the picture clues to read the story. 


Take Care

Mrs Raynor

Tuesday 26th May

Good Morning everyone,

 I hope you're all well and keeping safe. Today I thought it would be a good day to practice some handwriting. See if you can write your name, you can use the letter formation sheet from your pack to help you. Practice some of the letter writing patterns, straight lines and loops would be good. You could use pens and paper or if you want to write some large letters you could use a bucket of water and a brush outdoors. Remember to use the letter rhymes to help you.


Sing some songs. Tommy Thumb, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and Wind a Bobbin are good rhymes to develop finger strength. The words are in your booklet.


Share a book with your grown up.

Fidgety Fish and Clumsy Crab by Ruth Galloway are two good rhyming books that we have read at school.

These are available on You Tube. I Hope you enjoy these activities.


Take Care

Mrs. Raynor

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