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aka Donavan Christopher

March 2020 nominated as Artist of the Month by Authors Abroad click here to read all about it


Who remembers when our local writer and rap artist Donavan Christopher aka RAPPAMAN came to visit Nields? It was in 2018! If you right click on the photograph it will take you to the newspaper article.

Who has read one of his poems? His books are in our school library so you might have seen them there.



Well he is back and has set a challenge for you to complete.



Could you write a poem about being away from school? The theme of your poem should be around the idea that it is ‘fun but not funny’ that you are learning at home and not at school at the moment.

Could you write a poem, a hip bunny hopping poem or a rap about Easter? A great way to start this is to write down 16 things related to Easter and then turn each into a line of a poem.

Could you write a poem about the importance of Reading? You could write the first line and then pass it on to your friend to write the second line, your DB Primary Blogs would be a great way of writing a line of a poem each and watching it grow.

If you’re more of a story writer, why not write a short story how Rappaman saves the world from? Here you can really use your creativity and imagination. You could do a short comic book style story and let the artist roam free too! What would Rappaman’s super powers be? Who would be his arch enemy or enemies?

Another challenge you could have a go at is reading aloud with confidence and expression! Rappaman is looking for a clear and expressive yet funny voice. You may choose a high voice, a low voice or a posh voice, try any voice that isn’t your own but ensure you have clarity in your expression. Could you record yourself reading one of Rappaman’s and then post it to your Blog on DB Primary?

Here are the poems Rappaman suggests right click on Rappaman's photo below to take you to the poems.

Years 5 & 6 – With Precision from Rappaman In the Book of Rooms or Riddim and Rhyme from Rappaman Must be red all over.

Years 3 & 4 – I wrote this poem, from Rappaman (Try reading it from bottom to top or top to bottom)

Chatter Rap is also a great one to have a look at or you could choose your own.

Here is a link to all of the poems just right click on the photograph of Rappaman to open up in another page. 



Younger children – Rappaman suggests choosing your own poem or nursery rhyme to have a go at!

Donavan Christopher is also releasing a new book soon called ‘Rappaman READ ALOUD PROUDLY!’ This book contains 12 poems which you have to read aloud. Once you have completed the Read Aloud Proudly Challenge and read all 12 poems including a shouting poem and a success poem, you achieve a certificate at the end of the book. It sounds great and definitely one to keep an eye open for in our school library when it is released (date yet to be announced).


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