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Thursday 27th May 2020

Morning to you all on another sunny day!

It is looking like those fantastic dens you made yesterday will come in handy again today.  The temperature is likely to stay in the 20s so we are predicting a warm one!

We hope you have managed to find the time to read the updated risk assessment as well as watch Mr. Brown's most recent video which will update you with the latest information on the school's plans for a partial reopening for Years 5 and 6 on the 15th June followed by years 3 and 4 three weeks later. 

We will be in touch on Monday as we would like your feedback on what you think about the school running a breakfast club in September and whether this would appeal to you.

Also we would like to draw your attention to our need for a new school governor so if this is something you feel would be of interest to you then the deadline for the application is 3rd July. 

In the meantime we hope you are enjoying your Spring Bank. 

Today's activities can be done outside near or in a water tray, a bucket or a washing up bowl.

1) You could practise your number formation on the ground with chalk and then trace over them with a paintbrush and water enabling you to see them disappear in the sunshine.

Chalk Painting Letters

2) You could water the flowers in your garden or the seeds you have planted.

Child Watering Plants Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

3) You could make soapy water and use old toothbrushes to wash and clean your toys.

Sensory Challenge Day 12 – bubbles – all good things come in threes

4) You could explore floating and sinking some objects.

Floating and Sinking Science Activity | Learning 4 Kids


5) You could recycle some old bottles or soap dispenses to use as water squirters.

6) You could have a water relay race - This can be done against another member of the family. You each carry water in a small container from a starting line to fill your own bucket or container at a finishing line.  The first to transport enough water to fill their own bucket wins!

7) You could use pans and utensils.

8) You could put little toys in water, freeze them and then chip away at them with a toy hammer or tools.


Remember that water play:

*Improves fine motor skills.

*Allows children time to explore and experiment.

*Is calming for children.

*Develops children's imaginations.

*Can be done outside.


There are also the latest phonics lessons to check out. They are getting really tricky now with multi-syllable words!

Wednesday 26th May 2020


Welcome to Wednesday!

The weather again is looking like it is going to be warm (21 degrees) so sun hats and suncream are looking likely!

We thought that today you might like to make an outdoor den, somewhere that you can take shelter from the mid day sun.  If you have limited outdoor space you may use your local surroundings (the woods) to build your den.

Here are some instructions that you may like to follow.

1. Select a suitable area in your garden. 

2. Check that the ground is clear and that it is safe from any loose branches (if near trees), leaves or pebbles.

3. If you can find 2 places to attach some rope/cord.  You may have 2 trees or 2 washing line poles.

4. Drape a sheet/blanket/tarp or any kind of covering you have over the rope/cord.

5. On one side of the sheet improvise and secure it in some way. (could use tent pegs if you have some)

6. Theme your den! (A storytelling hideout, a castle, a dragon's den etc..)

7. Make it comfortable.

8. Add a rucksack with any accessories to suit the theme chosen.

Dens are great places to let the imagination run wild and they let children be whatever they want to be! Dens allow children to test boundaries and experiment with their behaviour.

Your child may even have their own ideas for how to build their den successfully, if they do support their creative thinking and encourage them to solve any problems they come up against by themselves.


There are also the latest phonics lessons to check out. They are getting really tricky now with multi-syllable words!

Tuesday 25th May 2020

Good morning to another sunny Tuesday!

We have been so lucky the last two months that the weather has been as good as it has been.  This has meant that the outdoors has played a huge part of your home learning.

This week the weather is looking very promising again so we thought that you might like to try making your own homemade healthy ice lollies to help cool yourselves down!

Here are a few recipes for some ice lollies that you might like to try!

Strawberry Milk Pops


400g ripe strawberries

200ml semi-skimmed milk

405g can of light condensed milk


1. Hull strawberries and blend until smooth.

2. Mix in milk and condensed milk.

3. Pour the mixture into ice lolly moulds and attach the tops.

4. Freeze for a minimum of 4 hours until solid.

5. Warm the moulds to release the pops.

The mixture could also be placed into ice cube trays or paper cups with lolly sticks if you have no lolly moulds.


Sunshine Lollies


5 large carrots

Juice of 3 large oranges (Zest of 1)

1 satsuma peeled and chopped (optional)


1. Finely grate the carrots and place in the middle of a clean tea towel. Squeeze the carrot juice into a jug, discarding the pulp.

2. Add the orange juice and top up with a little cold water if needed to make up 360ml of liquid.

3. Stir in the orange zest and satsuma pieces if using.

4. Pour mixture into lolly moulds and freeze overnight.

The mixture could be placed into ice cube trays or paper cups with lolly sticks if you have no lolly moulds.


Pineapple Ice Pops


450g tin of pineapple rings in juice

Lolly sticks



1. Line a baking tray with greaseproof or baking paper. (Tray must fit in your freezer)

2. Drain the pineapple slices.

3.Place the rings on the baking tray with a space between each one.

4. Push a lolly stick carefully all the way through the pineapple ring. (This will help it stay on the stick)

5. Place the tray in the freezer overnight till frozen.

Chocolate Topping

6. Melt 100g chocolate in a small bowl.

7.Dip the frozen pineapple ring into the chocolate

8. Place in the freezer till the chocolate has completely set.

Yoghurt Topping

9. Place favourite yoghurt in a small bowl

10. Dip the frozen pineapple into the yoghurt.

11. Place in the freezer till the yoghurt has completely set.


Summer is here, healthy snacks for the whole family!

Monday 25th May 2020

Welcome back to you all on this Bank Holiday Monday!

We hope that you have all enjoyed a lovely weekend despite there being a few rain showers and that you have managed to get into the outdoors for some fresh air.  We are sure that your gardens and the countryside will have been very thankful for the weekend watering as the week ahead is not looking as good for them as it is for you.  As some parents may have an extra day off today we thought that we wouldn't overload you since you may have other plans of your own.  Therefore if you haven't time don't worry as this activity can be completed any time.


Learning to form letters and numbers correctly is an important part of handwriting, however sometimes children don't have the mental energy left for creative writing and answering questions if they are thinking too much about it.  Therefore today we thought your children might like to practise some more isolated letter and number formation.

*Can you encourage your child to write their name correctly using correct formation.  If they can write their first name correctly can they write their surname correctly?

*Can they write other names correctly of people in their family who are important to them?

It is worth remembering that once your children can form their letters and numbers correctly it frees their brains up for higher level thinking skills!

Here are some letter worksheets for you:









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