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26th June update...

Unfortunately we didn't win but here you can see the email sent to us and our certificate.

Here is our Certificate



30th April update... The competition is now closed, an update will follow in due course.

22nd April 2020 update...

Thank you to all of the children who have completed their work on the Wormeries Project so far - we have had some super stories and front cover designs! If you would like your work to be entered into a Competition to help win some money for school, please could you finish your project and email it to office.nields@kirkleeseducation.uk FAO Miss Lockwood by Wednesday 29th April. Any format is absolutely fine, photos of written and drawn work is great or typed whichever format you prefer. 


Here are some of the super projects we've had so far, there are more on the slide show at the bottom of the page too.


Wormeries at Nields Project

Did you know that Nields now has its very own wormeries?

This means that all of the food waste at Nields can now be recycled.

Click on the worm and it will download the document for you to read.


Your challenge is to write a story about the wormeries arriving at Nields.  

Have you ever read the story ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ By Judith Kerr? click on the book cover below to take you to the link to download it, or click on the video to watch and listen to it.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea: Amazon.co.uk: Kerr, Judith, Kerr ...


Things we would like you to do:

  • We want you to write a story called ‘The Tiger Worms who came to Nields.’

You could write about their journey to Nields and how they were introduced to their new home, maybe they came to visit you in your classroom, you could write about that. If they didn’t, use the information document (if you right click on this worm it will open up another page for you to read the information) and use your imagination to help you. Maybe you could do some research yourself to help gather some ideas.

  • Another challenge you could have a go at is redesigning the front cover of the story book, ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’. But instead, ‘The Tiger Worms Who Came to Nields.’ Use your imagination to think about where the Tiger Worm could be seated, maybe at the school dinner table eating the left over compost scraps and wasted food? Or peeking out of the window of a classroom at school eating an apple core.

Any writing or designs that you come up with can be emailed to: office.nields@kirkleeseducation.uk for the attention of Miss Lockwood. Any format is absolutely fine, photos of written and drawn work is great or typed whichever format you prefer. 

Below is a slide show of children's work submitted.

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